I have been an admirer of consistency for a long time.  Few things that I observe in the world impress me as much as consistency.  I don’t think anyone can deny the power of consistency; especially when it comes to the consistent effort some people are able to make in their pursuit of personal growth.  I have no doubt that much of my admiration is because I have rarely achieved the consistency I wish for and, therefore, I realize what a commitment it takes.

Very few people have described the power of consistency and how to achieve it like Michal Stawicki.  His online progress journal is pretty amazing (  Michal has been posting an update to his blog every day for almost 5 years.  His blog update is on top of a lot of other consistency work that he is doing which he shares in his journal.  This guy has inspired me to try, try again!

I am dedicating myself to being more consistent in my positive intentional behaviors.  The key to the power of consistency is persistence.  I will be persistent in my new habits including this blog.  Persistence is a simple matter of not quitting.  One must believe in what one is doing and stick to it no matter what the perceived cost is.  Borrowing a slogan “just do it!”

Thanks for reading and as always, I gratefully accept all constructive criticism!

Growth Is Messy!



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